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Justin Ferland


Justin Ferland is an extraordinary artist who dabbles in several creative realms of artistic expression. At age seventeen, Justin has encompassed himself in collectors of his work that tell a detailed story about the nature of art and reality. At age thirteen he picked up a can of spray paint and colored a blank canvas. Not knowing what would become of this moment, Justin fell involve with the realm of painting and for over five years has created a collection of his best works, including some that were sold auction to members in his community. Living in the wild environment of Colorado, Just quickly started to enjoy capturing the natural beauty that surrounded him with a his mothers camera. Over the years his skill and style has developed into him owning his own studio and equipment to use in his masterpieces. In May of 2017, Justin created a clothing line named "Top Class Society." His clothing company wold come to encompass his talent for graphic art work, photography and his interest in fashion. Amongst other creations, Justins works and creations that are displayed on this site are of his highest quality. This site inhumes those pieces of Justins artistic story. 

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